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Safety Tips

Zazspot is an interactive user-friendly online advertising portal committed to protecting the online privacy of its users while providing a rich, relevant shopping experience. We work extremely hard to make sure all of our online ads are authentic. However, users are cautioned to exercise a few safety tips and techniques when using any free online advertising site. Posting an Ad

Online advertising gives us an opportunity to reach innumerable people who are interested in purchasing the goods that we post in a quick and effective manner. But be careful while posting an ad as you may not know the people who respond to your ad.

>> Never include your personal information in the ad like your physical address.

>> Its always better not to post your picture and also do not post adult material or nude images that oppose our Terms and Conditions.

>> Talk to people on the phone and use your common sense before providing them information, like your address, and trust your instincts.

>> If someone is coming to check out the items you advertised, make sure you are not alone when they arrive.

Responding to an Ad

Online ad services give us huge opportunities to find different types of goods and services that we are interested in purchasing or selling. But do exercise caution while responding to an ad as you may not know the people who respond to your ad.

>> Always report any suspicious ads by emailing us at

>> Always do your own research on products, services and companies you deal with.

>> Avoid up-front payments before you see the item and meet the person personally.

>> Use common sense and never provide your personnel information and trust your instincts

>> Always try to meet people in a public place.

>> When you go to someone's house always take someone along with you.

Scams and Fraud

Fraud and cheating exists everywhere. This is true of online advertising as well. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it is, in all probability, a scam. Please research and educate yourself on the Internet about the different scam types existing in the cyberworld.

If you suspect that any's post appears to be a part of a scam, please send us the details.

If you are defrauded by someone you met in person, contact your local police.